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Persian metalwork. 1883.


Persian metalwork. 1883.


Emma Dajska (Poznań, Poland) - 1: Untitled (3), 2012  2: Pola In Grief At Rudolph’s Grave, 2012  3: Accidental Collage, 2013  4: Do It Yourself, 2011  5: Greenland Redland, 2009  6: Belly Bird, 2009  7: Untitled  8: Cloud Of Color, 2009    Collages


First and last.

Droid #1 and Droid #365.

I don’t think, in terms of progression, comparing my first and last droids is quite fair. When I started my project I envisaged spending five or ten minutes a day on my drawings. What actually happened was that I very quickly got into the habit of spending as long as I could drawing each droid.

#1 was very definitely a five minute doodle. By comparison, #365 was the product of a couple of sketches, a detailed pencil drawing and a reasonably time-consuming bit of line work.

All of that doesn’t mean I don’t feel I progressed with my drawing. I think I learnt a lot over the last year, particularly about my pen work. I certainly have a few more tricks now when it comes to representing different textures or materials.

One aspect that didn’t improve was my figure drawing. That’s pretty much because I didn’t really make the time to practice. One of my aims over the next year is definitely to take some life-drawing classes.

140. An altered look about the hills —


An altered look about the hills —
A Tyrian light the village fills —
A wider sunrise in the morn —
A deeper twilight on the lawn —
A print of a vermillion foot —
A purple finger on the slope —
A flippant fly upon the pane —
A spider at his trade again —
An added strut in Chanticleer —

(Source: en.wikisource.org)


Jon Carling. “Bird Ark” “Kraken Too” “Kraken” “Bird Carriage” “The Scarebat”.

Jon Carling caught my eye right when I saw his work on my dashboard from my other blog. His drawings remind me of Tim Burton’s work, which, as stated in one of my earlier posts, is one of my favorite illustrators. Carling has really cool content and a creative mind.

Here is Carling’s website, which has a gallery, blogs, and lovely drawings to purchase as well. His etsy has some cool button designs as well (joncarling).

(via joncarling)